What’s the Weather Like?

January 18, 2013

Hi everyone.

I’m sorry for the late post. I’ve been under the weather last few days and I couldn’t write last night. The seasonal cold actually seems to be going around the school, as many others have been feeling not so well. But don’t worry; symptoms are light and it doesn’t seem to be a nasty flu. Good thing that Gould had students vaccinated for flu the past fall!

Maybe the weather had an effect. It was unusually cold in Korea this year, so my dad asked about the weather in Bethel. I answered: “It is not only blistering cold, but pouring snow!” If you’re living Bethel area, it must have been difficult the last few days driving. The basketball game at home on Wednesday was cancelled along with many other games; that’s a first this school year. Now snow does make it more fun up in the mountain, but I wish to go to the NBA D-League basketball on Saturday arranged by Mr. Siekman, so for safe journey (or a journey at all!) I hope it doesn’t snow so much the next couple days.

Found this on the web – sums up my idea pretty well. 

Not a very exciting week for me and unfortunately not much to say…


I’ll see you next week, hopefully with more exciting things!


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