What’s the R-value of that horse?

December 23, 2008

Some may look at this picture of Tinker, one of the Gould Farm horses, and think, “That poor animal! She’s covered with snow. She must be SO cold!”
What I see is a toasty warm animal whose fur is doing an excellent job of insulating her body from the cold temperatures. If the fur weren’t doing its job, she’d be wet and cold from snow falling on her body and melting, due to her escaping body heat. Instead there is very little heat escaping and her body is warm and dry. In this picture Tinker has about 2″ of snow on her back. You can see where I started to wipe the snow off before realizing she already had a perfect balance. She was toasty warm, without any help from me (except for years of quality food and unlimited liquid water- hard to find in the winter sometimes).
Bethel has been hit by a snow storm that brought light fluffy snow and cold windy conditions. It is beautiful.

Hope all are enjoying the holidays!



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