What’s big, red and eats rocks?

September 19, 2012


Although this may only be the second week of school, almost half the school ventured into the woods for orientation about three weeks ago, including myself.


I was actually pretty nervous going into orientation as a leader, as a senior and a proctor;  I wanted a solid start for my last year and their first.


My orientation was to say the least, awesome. My fellow leader, Blake, and I made some tasty mac and cheese, we hiked in a beautiful area with beautiful weather, and I got to meet some really awesome people!


One of my favorite moments was the last night, when we had mac and cheese, which was absolutely delicious. We all just sat around completely full, telling jokes and riddles.


Overall my most favorite joke was given by freshman Will Harvey…

“What’s big red and eats rocks?”………… “A big red rock eater!”


Him delivering that line was absolutely the funniest moment on the trip; he was barely able to say the punch line because he thought it was so funny.

So I guess you could say I had the best orientation trip, no competition.


Until next time!




ps. Thanks Blake Wilson for the pictures!(:





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