What’s behind the green glass door?

October 12, 2010

OVERHEARD IN THE DINING HALL (at a faculty table):

-“What was the name of that woman on Sesame Street that used to shimmy a lot?”

-“You mean Elmo?”

I was on weekend duty last weekend, and one of the many cool things that I got to do with students was to go to the movies in Oxford, where your seat still costs only $5.25 (although the popcorn and soda ring in at a slightly higher $2.4 million). All of us decided to see “Case 39” with Renée Zellweger (she was in the movie, not the theater).

Do not go and see this movie.

It’s supposed to be a scary movie, but the only scary thing about it was the cost of the popcorn.  The highlight of the trip for me, in fact, was the van ride itself.  You see, having missed last year at the Academy, I have found myself in the position of “the new-old guy” pretty much every day.  About half of the student body knows me, and the other half has kind-of heard of me but don’t really have a clue who I am.  Likewise, there are a lot of students that I don’t know yet.  Case in point: I had only met one of the seven students in the van before this September.

So I spent the ride down Rte 26 listening to the gang in the back of the van play a game called “Green Glass Door.”  You know, one of those games where you try to figure out what the pattern is?  The kids in the van figured it out in about 10 minutes, but this is the cool part: they kept playing anyway.  So, from what I was able to gather, these are a few things behind the green glass door:

  1. There is lettuce, but no salad.
  2. There is marriage, but no dating.
  3. There are knees, but no elbows.
  4. There are rodillas, but no codos (same as #3, but in Spanish).

Get it?

What was great was that I got to listen to a group of young people talking.  Not texting, not on the phone, not watching other people play video games; they were just talking and enjoying each others’ company.  And it was great.  It makes me want to take another trip to the movies, maybe next duty weekend.

First I have to go get a second job to pay for the popcorn.


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