What would you ask yourself six months from now?

February 16, 2013

This past July I attended the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Institute for New Heads of School. One of our exercises was to write ourselves a note, postmarked for six months into the future.

Below is the note from my July self to my February self. I had forgotten the letter and had a bit of a Twilight Zone moment last week as I looked at an envelope addressed to me in my own handwriting.

Clarification to #3: “Over communicating” means communicating enough to get new and core ideas firmly on the radar. It’s a good thing.

These are good questions, and ones I need to keep in the back of my mind always.  However, I find if I were to write my future self a note again,  my new set of questions would be much more rooted in the work at Gould and would  have a longer time horizon.

Time to dash a note off to my July 2013 self.

What would you ask yourself six months from now?















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