What to Do…?

April 22, 2010

Greetings Gloggers…

Just a quick one this week. The usual goings on this week around campus, sports, lambs, learning and some decent weather again.
I’m actually on duty this weekend, so a little about that.
Each weekend a “duty crew” is assigned to come up with activities and things to do during the weekend.

On the agenda this weekend for the delight of the Gouldies are:

Saturday classes
Skateboarding to Rye
Pick up Volleyball
Pick up Soccer
Movie watching
Trip to MLS game at Foxborough
Shopping trip to Portland
Residential Rumble
Brownie snacks
The great Grafton Notch cycle race
Home game for JV baseball
Away game for boys and girls LAX
Away game for men’s tennis
Varsity baseball against Telstar
TOEFL tests

So as you can see, a pretty packed weekend. Should be fun.
I think I’ll need a rest after all that….!

See ya next week.
The Davies


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