What Mother Nature has in Store

October 26, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Firstly, I apologize for the unfortunate delay in my post. I had a very busy day moving out of Vogt house and then leaving at 11 to be gone the entire day at Hyde.

I wanted to take this Saturday post to talk about my favorite type of sound made by the wonderful Mother Nature. My favorite sound would have to be…


I love those special nights when all you can do is lie in bed and listen to the sound of thunder and lightening.
The clouds are so ominous and the thunder so loud and lingering.
The way little light grey/almost white blotches appear in the sky in a sporadic manner.
The way the rain patters heavily or lightly on the side of the windowsill and how little droplets get stuck in between the checks of the screen.
And how lightening looks like electric surges piercing the sky.

I feel like you can also tell when a storm is about to approach. The bloated clouds begin rolling in and there’s that particular type of wind. Its kind of strong, and it lasts for a while and the way it whips around and forcefully blows underneath the leaves causing them to twist and turn in every direction, just foreshadows how powerful the storm will be.

Also, storms have those specific smells. You know after a summer rain storm and everything smells hot, steamy, thick, and earth-like? Thanks to a little Wikipedia search, the word “Petrichor” is defined as “the scent of rain on dry earth, or the scent of dust after rain.” Now I know that I’m not the only one who loves this smell! There’s no better way to put it other than that it’s just so pure.

I would like to leave you with a very long video containing only the purest sounds of thunder, lightening, and rain.

Until next week!
“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”
~ fortune cookie 5


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  1. Avatar Sara says:

    Thunder? Not for me!
    For me, it is the sound of leaves moving the leaves of the trees at night and an owl’s hoot pulsing.

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