What Don’t You Get From the Dining Hall?

November 3, 2013

Hey everyone,

Thanks to Annie ’14, I now realize that I can get MILK TEA from the dining hall !!! This drink is so easy to make that I don’t even think about making it – just hot water, a teabag, cream milk and a pack of sugar, and you have a cup of milk tea. I don’t really know why I get so excited, but if you haven’t tried some, it is time.

Milk tea is my best discovery so far, though I do wonder, what don’t I get from the dining hall? We have a lot of good food, which explains why my face gets chubbier everyday.

Yesterday, just as I walked back to my dorm (with Annie’s whole cup of milk tea in my stomach…), I smelled something really delicious. For me, if the dish smells good, chances are that it will taste good. I stopped by at the kitchen to see that the Thai and the Chinese were making dinner. (The Vietnamese intend to cook sometime soon, stay tune!) My friends told me I could try some (and I was happy they did that), so I took a bite and ran away before I got another bite, and another bite, and another bite…

Now, that is what you can’t get from the dining hall: food that tastes like home. We do have international dishes here on a regular basis – and they are delectable – but there’s something about them that does not make the dishes taste like home.

Unless you cook your own food with your friends! Cooking your own food is completely different, especially when you are an international student. Just imagine this: you start cooking at 5pm and once you finish, you’re already starving. Then you get to eat, and your friends from other countries get to eat, and they tell you how good the food is, and you tell yourself you’re such a good cook, and you think your mom must be really proud of you (for not burning the kitchen down).

It feels good.

And you never know – somewhere in the dorm, someone is telling somebody something such as, “hmm, it smells good down there.”

So, for Gould members and everyone out there, next time you go to the dining hall, make yourself a cup of milk tea. And next time you talk to an international student, get them to cook something from their home, but make sure you lend a hand, too!



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