What do a bull, a bed, and a cricket have in common?

February 1, 2011

OVERHEARD AT FORMAL DINNER: “I swam in the ocean a lot as a kid.”

“Oh yeah?  I was born in a bathtub.”

I’m going to let you all in on a secret.  You have to promise not to tell, and if you do I’ll just deny ever having written it.  I’ll just say that Annie hijacked my Glog and that SHE wrote it.

It’s a big secret and most people don’t know this, but because you are such loyal readers and because I am so good to all of you, I’m going to tell you.

Here it is: Shhhhhh!!!!!!! Don’t tell any current students, but……..

Teachers are human beings.

There, I said it.  Most people don’t know that we belong to the same species as Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, and Alice Hotopp, but we do. We eat, sleep, stress, celebrate, and try to be funny, just like all of you.

And we play games too.

This Glog is really about a typical Monday night in Bethel, when all of the good students are in study hall.  Monday night is for homework when you are a student.  When you are a teacher at Gould, chances are that Monday night is not for homework.

Monday night is for darts.  Monday is the one night when we get together in good company and throw pointy objects at things other than students.  It’s fun, it’s (relatively) safe, it’s really one of the only remaining activities where you don’t have to wear a helmet to play (unless you are playing against OUR team).  Every Monday night the brave members of the BADLB (Bethel Area Dart League of Bethel) tough out the weather, shovel out our cars, and engage in semi-friendly battle.

We take darts very seriously, as evidenced by the names we choose for our teams: “Out For Bull”, “Who Let The Darts Out”, and of course our proud team (no lie), “Dart Vader”.   Dart Vader is a special team, comprised of four giants of the dart world:

  1. (Captain) Rob “Is it my turn yet?” Manning
  2. Renzo “Which board is ours?” Baker
  3. Ashley “There is no oopsie in darts” Oliver
  4. Me.

We hold a special distinction presently, as the only team with a perfect record- We haven’t won a single match.  We show up every week, on time, ready to go, and lose.

And lose big.  A match has 7 games in it, usually taking about 15 or so minutes per game.  Last week, we started the first game at 7:00, and lost the match by 7:38.  Sometimes we lose our first game before even getting out of the car.

I guess what I’m saying here is that if to err is human, then man-oh-man are we the proof that teachers are human.

Maybe next week.


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