What did I do this last week?…

December 31, 2007

Season’s Greetings Everyone! I hope Santa brought everyone everything they wanted, he brought me a lot of snow. No but seriously, their is a lot of snow up here! The house has been very exciting lately, with brother Finnian “Banana” Donovan home for the whole break. Also Brother Emmett “Fruitcake” Donovan and girlfriend Vero “Fruity-tooty” Archambault-Leger (she is from Montreal, Canadia). She’s training up here for the NORAMs, and she’s kind of a big deal. Emmett has been here for moral support. But today, Vero is hanging out at the house and Emmett is hitting the slopes! Finnian has been spending his time fiddling with ice fishing stuff, he recently went with Karl “RAGE-CAGE” Olson, Karl has been an inspiration to me always and I’m glad that he’s back for break. As for me, I have been swamped with getting all my college applications in, but I think that at this point I am finally finished with submitting them all, and I’m glad to be done. Other than that, a lot of friends have been up in Bethel, so I’ve been playing a lot of basketball and other recreational activities. Last night, a group of us went Night Ice Skating up at Sunday River, it was a lot of fun. I never knew that Thacher “Chaz Michael Michaels” Stone was so good on the ice-he had a triple lutz (that’s a lie) over the snowbank, he actually did clear the bank though, it was impressive. But we soon got chilly and luckily Cammie “lead foot” Wolff got us home quickly. School is going to start soon, and I’ve really got to start working on the mountain of homework assigned to me over break. Tune in next week and we’ll see how little I’ve done in this upcoming week!


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