What Best Describes This Week?

November 16, 2013

Hello Glogworld!

My question for you all is: What best describes this week?
A. crazy
B. hectic
C. action-packed
D. Dull
E. all of the above

Wow, halfway into exam week and in the midst of everything, who’d of thunk that the women’s varsity soccer would have their semi-final game today? Can someone say ‘inconvenient’? After a very recent change in the exam schedule, they have made it possible for us to watch the soccer game. The exam schedule was tweaked for non-soccer students while the varsity soccer girls are allowed to be completely exempt from basically all of their exams except dots 1, 2, and 3 which they took on Thursday and one on Friday morning.
After spending last night with two anonymous varsity soccer players, and a very successful stalking session on evaluating the competition, the Dexter Southfield School, I can only hope that this hype will help them prepare and get excited for their game. Today the entire school got on buses and headed to Yarmouth, a neutral location for both schools.
I forgot to mention that if the girls win this game today, they will play another game on Sunday and maybe we’ll all miss our dot 6 exam (and heck, why not dot 7 as well?) because we’ll all go and support them at their game?! *cough cough Mr Ruby?!* (Too bad dot 6 is my free dot… Bummer. Positive side? I could miss Biology!)

On another, less exciting topic,

For any students, new or returning, who are wondering how to survive the last few dregs of exam week, here’s what you have to think about. You’ve already made it this far, am I right? Most of you are only 2 more exams away from being DONE. Can you imagine it? You just have to go into those next two classes, take a seat and a breather, do the worksheet you’re required to do, and leave. Doesn’t that sound simple? The worst possible thing you can do is stress out! And don’t forget about all your outlets! For example, yoga or music or exercising or talking to fellow classmates or taking little breaks (but do not let those little breaks turn into 3 hours worth of procrastination playing candy crush or dots on your mobile device. You know who you are)

Until next week!

P.S. The answer to the question above is E. I lied about D. 

” You discover treasures where others see nothing unusual”
~fortune cookie #8


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