What About Bob ?

January 8, 2014

So I don’t love Bob Costas, nor do I dislike him. But has he caused quite a stir in the Snowboard world. See video (snowboard part at 1:17)

With comments likening the sport of Slopestyle to Jackass and claiming that Johnny Knoxville is the President of the IOC…. Hmmmmm

So after seeing all the posts on Facbook and Twitter, and finding a well written piece on Family Shred it is very clear that the Snowboard community is un-happy with the usually knowledgeable Bob Costas. Even Todd Richards chimes in, talking about the dedication of the athlete, and the broken bones, and the early mornings. Just like swimming, hockey and every other sport young active kids do all over the country.

I myself as a coach know what those 5am 16 hr days look like, they’re draining and invigorating at the same time. I am a true believer that winter kids and athletes are destined to be great adults (even better than others) Due to their sport, being unprepared is not an option, messing up a 40ft jump is gonna hurt, forgetting your gloves, socks, goggles, jacket is gonna suck. But you go on the hill anyway because your committed to a sport you love.

And that may not be competitively to begin with. But you don’t get good enough to compete at the Olympics, even in slopestyle, unless you love the sport and have been dedicated to it for a very long time.

So that’s my soapbox speech, now here’s my defense of Bob.

After watching the controversial piece, I realized that he made those remarks in jest, and he was very clear that he knew nothing about Slopestyle. Which I think is commendable. He didn’t pretend to know the idiosyncratic nature of our sport, and the rise of new tricks, and complexities of the judging criteria. And he didn’t succumb to the default answer in snowboarding “Shaun”

Do I like our sport being compared to Jackass ? No. Was Bob a little too flippant about our beloved sport ? Yes. Will he do a better job in the future when talking about Snowboard Slopestyle ? I’m pretty sure he will.

Enjoy the fun, and Games.


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