What a Story

December 15, 2010

What a week at the academy.  For some of us lucky seniors the nervousness that college provided us with that I talked about in a previous blog, is now over.  The feeling of getting into college is indescribable, your whole life in school up until that point is primarily to prepare you for college, and when you achieve something like that, its a whole new feeling.  I really experienced a new emotion that I’ve never come in contact with so I guess there really is no word for it, but it is truly amazing.  It’s almost like trying to describe what happy is without ever laughed or smiled.  Everyone has their story of why making it this far is special to them, I know I do.  Sitting on my broken couch at six AM that morning staring out into space, its when it really hit me, that feeling that has no descriptive words i can use to describe it, the awesome conclusion to my story.  So for all of you that got their decision for college and got in, you should know the feeling I’m describing and don’t forget your story and how you got to the place you are today.  For the people that are still deciding on college or even the people that received some not so great news, just keep your head high, keep working hard and you’ll be somewhere you love.  If you didn’t get accepted, it just means its not the right place for you, and its there mistake for not wanting you, you really can’t blame it on yourself, you really won’t be giving your story the attention it deserves.  When my grandmother called me to congratulate me, she said, “And if they didn’t accept you, to hell with them, its their loss.”  And if this week didn’t go as well as some were hoping, I know most of the kids here and I know that most are killing it.  And seriously to hell with them and its just another part of your story that will feel oh so good in the long run.

Again congratulations to those who got in early, and to those who are still going strong, keep your head up high.  As Vincent Chase says, (a character from HBO’s show Entourage) “It’ll work out, it always does.”  Have an awesome break and here is a picture of some of the kids that make this school awesome for me.


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