What a day to be a husky!

February 11, 2015

I apologize. It’s Wednesday, not Monday. Oh well…

Today was the nordic NEPSAC (or the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council for those who were curious) championships hosted by Gould at both Pine Hill and right on campus using the upper and lower fields. We raced our top five girls and guys in both individual classic races in the morning and in the 4-person skate team relay in the afternoon. To be modest, we did well. But it’s hard to be modest and I’m going to tell that we did incredible. Gould athletes took home five medals in the individual races, had the fastest male and female relay teams, AND took home the team overall for both guys and girls. The races were really fun to watch and it was great to see how many people came out to watch the afternoon relay. The school spirit was contagious and it was hard not to get pumped up cheering on my teammates.


Gould Girls Individual Team: Stef, Hannah, Rose, Leela, Rachael


Gould Guys Individual: Max, Ben, Marcus, Caleb, Andrew


Rachael and Leela celebrate winning the team relay in a nail biting final lap


The Gould Girls Relay Team: Rachael, Rose, Leela, Stef


The Gould husky made an appearance!


Marcus (5th), Caleb (3rd), Andrew (1st), Rachael (6th) and Leela (3rd) are our medal winners from todays individual races

Here’s a link to watch the intense start of the men’s relay:

A huge shoutout goes to mother nature for all the new snow and the warm weather, but especially to Coaches Jeremy, DC, and Fred and everyone else who helped out today for putting on a phenomenal race.



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  1. Avatar Martha says:

    Thanks Melissa, great pictures!

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    How fun! So glad you posted pics and a video – sorry I missed the real thing. Congratulations Huskies:)

  3. Brad Brad says:

    Thanks Melissa, great story, photos, and video. It was a great day to be a Husky!!!

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