West Bethel to Evan’s Notch

September 16, 2012

We put a wrap on our first week with a longer distance ski from West Bethel up Evan’s Notch.  We dropped the older crew off in West Bethel and they chased bus out the new pavement and wide shoulders on Route 2.

Drop off in front of West Bethel Antiques.

Route 2 towards NH.

Meanwhile, we parked the bus at the base of 113, did some skating drills with the younger crew, and waited for the older crew to roll by.

The younger boys

Marcello came through first, followed by Sadie and Ashton, then Trent.  Rave reviews all around of the skiing on Route 2 – I’m sensing a Bethel to Gorham ski in our future.

Marcello with the quick change

Fast – like a pursuit!

When Trent came through, we took a few minutes to run through some classic drills since he is still waiting for his new skate skis to arrive.

Trent on the no-poles train

The scooter drill. A classic classic drill.

With everyone skiing up the Notch, we took off to find them and pick em up.  Marcello caught up to Caleb, and they were found at the top!

Marcello and Caleb chilling on a rock.

It was great to have some of our younger skiers join us for the day!

The whole crew post-ski


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