We’re off to see the warriors, the wonderful warriors of Xi’an…

February 24, 2011

Ok, so I am not a lyricist… but I try.

Quote of the Day: “I bet the Emperor is buried under that shrub right there and no one knows it.” ~on the final resting place of the first Emperor of China.

We had another great night with our host families.  Some of the exciting experiences were a trip to a supermarket, a evening of classes (the host had to take a test) and a trip to the hairdresser to get a hair washing. After a few last classes this morning, we got in a bus to head up to the Terra Cotta Soldiers Museum, about one hour north of Xi’an. The army was originally constructed to protect the first emperor of China in the after life. Each warrior is different, probably based on the members of his army.

We had a very nice tour guide who taught us a great deal about the history of the warriors and the museum/dig site which we visited.  The students were all awestruck by the history and magnitude of the place.

The group in Pit 1, the site where the warriors were first found by a farmer in the mid 1970s.

“Presenting: The Qin Warriors of Xi’an with your special host for tonight Matt Foy.”

Max auditions for the part of “Standing Archer.”

After seeing the warriors, we had a quick lunch of various types of noodles, all specialities of Shaanxi province, where Xi’an is located. From there we returned to school for a calligraphy lesson. Our teacher was one of the Chinese Language teachers from our host school, who is also a member of the provincial calligraphy organization.  He is a very famous calligrapher and his skill amazed our students.

Watching a demostrastion of our teacher’s skill.

The group holding up a piece of calligraphy that he wrote for Gould.  Our teacher is on the right and Ms. Yun, one of the English teachers at our school and the one responsible for planning our time here, is on the left.  The calligraphy talks about smooth waters and shared boats, and is an expression of desire for continued friendship between our two schools and our two countries.

After watching the master, our students each had an opportunity to work one on one with him to write something that each of them will be able to bring home.

Caili works with the teacher to write her name.

Rene writes “Xi’an,” the name of the city we are visiting.

Kyrstin and the teacher hold our their writing of the word “mei”, beautiful.

The students also had the opportunity to try some traditional paper cutting.  When we were done learning about some of the traditional arts of China, the host brothers and sisters came to take the students home for another night.

Until tomorrow…



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  1. Avatar Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for the updates! Just love seeing what the kids are experiencing! Our whole family is following your blog!

  2. Avatar Kymberlie Gee says:

    Kyrstin, your calligraphy is just beautiful! Grandpa Jim will be really impressed! Make sure that comes home safely and we will have it framed! Can’t wait for more great pictures!

  3. Avatar Cynthia Galea says:

    Wow, it is bitter sweet that their road trip is coming to end when they all look so comfortable and welcomed with all their new friends and adventures. They are all a great group of kids only wish their fearless leaders could behave the same way. What wonderful memories

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