We’re not waiting for winter…

December 5, 2011

I apologize for not posting last week, but I was indeed away from the internet for a few days, believe it or not. Last Saturday the Nordic team left for our annual Thanksgiving training camp. Usually the camp happens in Québec, where there is usually more snow than here. However, this year it appeared that there was actually more snow in New England than in Canada, so we set off for Craftsbury, VT in hopes that we would find enough snow to ski on, both natural and man-made.

Well, we didn’t find an overwhelming amount of snow. The snow cover at Craftsbury, which had supposedly been fantastic the few days before, was rapidly dwindling due to the many other teams that had been skiing on it. And the unseasonably warm weather didn’t help either. The mid-50’s temperatures with only a few days until December were strange, to say the least. They quickly melted the natural snow that was left on the trails and began eating away at the snow that the Outdoor Center had made a few days before.

The limited, but skiable snow...unfortunately, it only got warmer from here.

Now, before this starts to sound too depressing, let me tell you that we still had a great time! We did get on snow almost every day, whether it was a long ski through some questionable conditions or just repeats of a 1/2 kilometer loop. We managed to have plenty of snow time to work on technique, speed, and threshold training (a concept that we all became knowledgeable about, thanks to a presentation by the freshman girls.)

One afternoon the coaches surprised us by taking us for a run down to the biathlon range, where we met our old coach, Jeremy, who now works and resides at Craftsbury. Jeremy was nice enough, and trusting enough, to let the 11 of us shoot at targets, after teaching us the basics of safety and technique for shooting. A few had shot before, but most of us were complete beginners.

And of course, no trip to Vermont would be complete without a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s factory.

Rachael and Aiden pose as Ben & Jerry themselves

Now we’re back and ready for action, after missing the first day of school. After a weekend of more than 5 1/2 hours of training, most of the team is ready for a day of tomorrow. Let’s hope that the temperature drops a bit and we get some REAL snow! See you next week!


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