We’re here!!!

March 11, 2013

By Sadie

Yesterday, we skied the skate course for today’s race. It’s a challenging course with the first kilometer all downhill with some tight turns. There’s a lot of climbing after that and then some rolling terrain. You can check out the course profiles on the website.

Our wax cabin is the one to the far left. All the magic happens there!

Looking up at the lodge from our wax trailer

We didn’t have anything scheduled for the early afternoon yesterday, so a bunch of the girls hung out and met some other skiers from different regions!

Brooke Mooney (SMS) and I painted and glittered-out our nails, getting our New England spirit ready!

Later that afternoon, we had opening ceremonies at the local high school. It was so cool to have all the skiers together and hear from previous and current Olympians, the mayor, and even some locals! The USST and other World Cup skiers sent in a video from Europe wishing everyone luck.

For the closing, indigenous Alaska dancers performed a few traditional dances. They even taught us the igloo dance!

The first race for me is a 5k individual start. The race starts at 12:45 and I go out at 1:09. Live feeds are available online. Let’s go, New England!!!!!


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  1. Avatar Colin Penley says:

    GOOD LUCK Sadie! Ski fast and help New England kick some butt!

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