We’re Back….

September 25, 2008

Greetings glog readers, we’re back and ready to ease you back into life here at Gould.
I’m Chris Davies, and along with my wife Helen we will be Thursday’s Gloggers.
We live in Davidson Dorm with 62 boys and 2 other sets of dorm parents. The Leff family, and Ben Kamelivic. I am the Head Snowboard Coach, and we have 2 cats Vegas and Bansky.
We will be pleased to give a glimpse into life here at Gould.
But for now I’m going to give you a very rare look into a Gould snowboard coaches summer…!!

Robbie Moulton getting upside down at Lake Placid Water Ramp training in August. Helen and I playing golf at the Samosset.

And just a random moose chillin’ out .

Helen took the moose pic from her car on Rt 17….!


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