Welcome to the Visiting Chinese Students!

October 1, 2008

Hello! Welcome to another Wednesday Glog.

The visiting students have arrived from China! They are here as a continuation of the freshman 4-point experience. They landed in the U.S. this past Saturday and spent the weekend exploring Boston. As soon as they set foot on campus yesterday, they attended formal dinner and went home with their hosts. I am hosting Luo Yunyou, or Jessica. I hope that this experience will be eye-opening and fun for all.

Jessica and I

This past weekend was Alumni weekend. For the benefit of the visiting alumni, Gould had a great weekend of competitions and showcases.

The cross country running team had the annual Frank Vogt fun run on Saturday. It was a great chance for the team to run with some fast former Gould athletes. Gould’s running course is, in the eyes of many, as one of the toughest around; congratulations to all who ran.

(pictures by Marian Hotopp)

The first is a shot from the begining of the race. Here, Peter Cowan comes into the finish.

Have a good week!

Alice H

Have any thoughts, opinions, questions or stories about the 4-point experience here at Gould? Please comment and share.


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