Welcome to Community

September 10, 2013

On Saturday at 5:30 pm, families had left campus and we held our first ‘regular’ assembly of the school year. Everyone looked great; they were dressed up for the formal dinner that followed. Even after days filled with registration, moving in, orientation trips, and farewells, spirits were high.

Below is the message I shared.


You will rise or fall, succeed or fail based on the quality of your effort, attitude, abilities and decisions. This is true at Gould and anywhere you will go. This does not mean, though, that you are going it alone. In fact, you will always live, work, and play in connection with others. So, on the occasion of our first assembly of the year…

Welcome to community.

Welcome to connection.

Welcome to being in relationship: student and teacher; athlete and coach;advisee and advisor; dorm resident and dorm parent; maker and mentor;  friend and friend; human and human; community member and community.

In this web of connection you have access to incredible support. The resources to do wonderful things. To make days better and the world a better place. And, you have the power to do great damage, to hurt feelings, and break trust.

You are a part of something.  An essential element and we would be less without you. Your thoughts and actions matter for you and for all of us in connection with you.

Please accept your connection and its responsibilities and help others to do the same.

This is what will make a great year. Our summer planning is over. This is your school. Take good care of it.


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