Welcome Peepers!

April 22, 2008

Those from New England are probably familiar with the chirping of these impressive little frogs. Tonight is the first night this year that I’ve noticed the sound climbing the hill to campus from the swollen banks of Mill Brook. This is the view from Gould’s “sugar bush” (the local term for a stand of sugar maple trees).

There are more sure signs of spring around campus too. Today was the first day our sports teams practiced on our athletic fields because of the snowy winter. I should note- this has been a remarkably snowy winter!

We’re near the end of maple sugaring season. In fact we pulled the taps out of the trees today. In our travels we found a small snake sunning himself next to a snowbank. Who’s the daughter of scientists? Sam didn’t hesitate before picking up the snake for a closer look.

Here are some more images from my corner of Gould. Next week I’ll get my camera closer to some of the other amazing things happening on campus. Spring is a great time of year to be in Maine!

Until next week,



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