Welcome back!!

January 4, 2011

OVERHEARD AT DARTS NIGHT: Hey, this is easy as long as you’re not aiming at anything!

Welcome back to campus (and if you’re a current parent, welcome back to that nice, quiet, sane life that you missed a little over break  ;->).

On Tuesday we start it ALL OVER again, like Sisyphus of legend, who was condemned to push a rock up a hill and then tell all of the teenage girls who lived at the top of the hill to clean their rooms, over and over.

I realize pretty much every year at this time that I forgot to make any New Year’s resolutions.  It’s not that I don’t believe in resolutions, it’s just that every year I seem to wait until the last minute to come up with one that is both meaningful and achievable.  Really, resolving to finally end the conflict on the Korean peninsula might be a bit out of my reach, and resolving to eat more jelly beans, while certainly doable, is perhaps shooting just a bit too low.  So with this in mind, I will now share with all of you my ten, yes, ten resolutions for 2011.  Feel free to help me achieve my goal!

This year, being the year 2011 (hey, did you notice the clock on Jan 1 at 11:11?  It would have read “11:11, 1/1, ’11!), I hereby resolve to do the following:

  1. Limit myself to 8 hot wings at a sitting, unless I’m really hungry.
  2. Limit my listening to Lissie’s cover of “Bad Romance” to once a day.
  3. Do my class attendance correctly AND before I get “the phone call” at least one day a week.
  4. Purchase one album per month on iTunes based on a student recommendation.
  5. Take my dirty coffee mugs out of my classroom before they walk out on their own.
  6. Finish cleaning out my classroom closet by graduation.
  7. Beat Jim McLaughlin in something other than skiing.
  8. Stop getting new sunglasses more often than Mr. Penley changes his facial hair.
  9. Remember to remind our advisees about dish duties before the actual duty day.
  10. Just once, hack into Annie’s glog and leave a joke.

Finally, here’s to looking forward to Veteran’s Day this year, when the clock will read “11:11, 11/11, ’11!


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