Wednesday Whims: Round 2

September 26, 2007

Finally, Wednesday again! A whole week has passed since my last post, and a lot has happened. Once again, the week was pretty packed with classes, sports and a lot of fun in the dorms. The first real weekend at the Academy turned out to be good time. Personally the highlight of my weekend at Gould, was Saturday Night snacks of homemade warm chocolate chip cookies and crisp, cold milk in Ordway! They were absolutely delicious. Saturday night snacks alone are enough of a reason to stay on campus for the weekend!

This past weekend on Saturday, we girls on the Varsity Soccer team played against Tilton School in our first home game of the season! It was a very exciting game. Tilton was late at arriving to Gould so we had extra time to practice, get our blood flowing and do some team bonding activities. I really think that those bonding activities that we do, whether it is our signature “pinky tape”, to a circle of hand squeezes, everything that we do as a team off the field really helps us to be one on the field. Unfortunately, the game resulted in a loss, but we gained a lot of knowledge on how to play in future games. This particular game was a real learning experience, and we conquered some difficult plays and concepts that we can apply to our MAISAD games coming up! We have another home game today at CVA, so all of you readers who can…come watch and cheer us on!

On a completely different note, today is my friend Veronica’s 18th birthday! Birthday’s and special events can be so much fun at Gould. At assembly in the morning, we make an announcement about her special day so that everyone could be as excited as she and all of us are! A great thing about the Gould Campus is that it is located so close to Main Street and the heart of Bethel. Throughout the day, we go to local favorites Mouse and Bean Cafe to get delicious hot cocoa’s and coffees, and the highlight of the day…Dinner at Cho Sun! A group of 16 all will go to Cho Sun and get sushi, teriyaki and of course, ginger ice cream! It is so much fun!

This week, the junior class had their first of many college counseling meetings! In our meeting, Mr. Daulerio talked to us about how we can be preparing and advocating for ourselves to have the best opportunities and resumees available to offer the colleges. He really stressed how important our academics are to a college, but how we also need other things like extra-curricular activities that will distinguish us from others. The thought of college, and the whole application process being so close is scary, but exciting at the same time!

Classes continue to pick up intensity as the ball gets rolling faster and we get deeper into the start of the year. The soccer season is getting more exciting as we now have a more regular game schedule starting and we begin to challenge our MAISAD competition. That’s alot of the highlights and reports from my past week at the Academy, but stay tuned for next time. Have a great week!


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