Wednesday Whims

October 31, 2007

Wednesday again, and Happy Halloween!!! It’s been a good week. Classes are getting quite rigorous as the teachers are trying to teach us as much as they can before exams which come up in just over a week! I can’t believe how the time has flown. There’s that old saying, time flies when your having fun, and I’m going to have to be so very cliche, and say Gould proves just that. When I’m here, the time really does seem to just zip by, because I am occupied with something all the time, whether I am cramming information into my head before a test, running around on the soccer field, or just hanging out with friends. The fact that the first trimester, the first third of the school year is coming to an end already is crazy!

Along with the school term, the soccer season is coming to an end (at a good time too, as the cold weather is rolling in quite fast!). We caught very lucky break this past weekend when we were supposed to travel to Hyde School to play in our second to last regular season game. However, at the last minute, Hyde canceled the game, and we were granted a win. So now, we are going into the MAISAD championships seeded 3rd. We have been discussing alot of different ways on how we think that we can get pumped up and ready so that we can enter the tournament with the mindset, and readiness to win! We have our final regular season game today at Kent’s Hill, so hopefully we can start our upcoming winning streak right now!

This week is an interesting one at the Academy, because of a visitor that we have on campus. A man from the program “Freedom from Chemical Dependency” (FCD) is here to talk to all of the different grades about staying away from drugs, and having good, clean fun. The schedule for the week is altered and the classes meet after different times through the day and week to talk with the representative. More schedule changers are coming up when we switch our schedule for daylight savings time. It is almost like a preview to winter schedule. We have sports earlier in the day and classes later so that it will still be light enough to see the ball out on the field!

That’s about it for this week…so until next Wednesday, keep reading!
Happy Haunting!
-Kiley H.


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