Wednesday Whims

October 3, 2007

Another Wednesday is here and it’s my turn again to report on what’s been going on at the Academy. I would say the most exciting thing that has happened yet so far is that Mountain Day finally arrived! I think what made it so much more exciting was the fact that most of the school had given up hope that it would ever happen this year! But low and behold, Monday morning at assembly, Mr. Kunkle made that long awaited announcement that all four classes were canceled, and that it was FINALLY Mountain Day! The whole school proceeded to pack bag lunches and make their way up Tumbledown Mountain and there were a daring few even took a dip in the lake on top. However for those few of us who could not make the trek up the mountain due to injuries and illnesses, we had an alternative, but equally as awesome activity. We went canoing down the Androscoggin River 11 miles or so from Gilead back down to Bethel. It was a beautiful, relaxing, really fun trip. I went with two of my good friends Veronica and Kate, and whether we were singing songs from old Disney movies or figuring out how to make our canoe actually travel in a straight line, it was a great time, and for sure beat a full day’s worth of classes!

Now, as usual comes the Girls’ Soccer team update. Big news here, because we finally won our first game of the season! Our game against Hyde on Saturday afternoon was truly awesome. From the minute all of us stepped onto the field, even before that starting whistle blew, our spirits were sky high, along with our energy level. Our positive attitudes that day really gave us that extra push we needed to make those crosses and get the ball into the goal. We won that game 2-1. I think we needed that win to really get us pumped up for the rest of the upcoming season. And on Sunday, we had the very first Girls Soccer Alumni game. The turnout of alumnae wasn’t as big as we hoped, but we played 7 vs. 7 and it was a really fun game. The old-timers proved to not be so old seeing how they beat us! But it was fun none the less.

Thats about it for this Wednesday. Keep reading and see what happens at the Academy next week…on GLOG!


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