Warm Things Up a Little

February 2, 2011

How is it still cold?  This kind of cold makes me miss the feeling of getting in your hot car fighting to get the AC on all the way while your clothes stick to your skin.  I love that feeling.  With this weekend coming up, there is only one weekend after that until we are third trimester seniors; or more popularly know as second semester seniors.  I think this last trimester should be used to embrace the last times we have with the people we’ve gone to school with for, up to, the last four years.  Of course we need to keep our grades up, but I actually think these last times are about more than just the grades.  I have a feeling that people won’t know what they have until it’s gone.  Leaving the people you’re used to seeing every day, and living with every day will be hard, at least for me.  It will never be the same, even if you think you’ll see the people at college, if you’re close proximity, it will be much much different.  So I’m going to take this last trimester to live it fully, with the people I love.  All of high school was revolving around school, but now it should be about living the life at Gould that I want to remember, and just enjoy the times; because at the end of this few months, everything will be different.  The Gould spring is awesome, sitting out on the field on a warm weekend day really makes every weekend in everyones head during the week.  I can’t wait, and I can’t wait to enjoy the last season with some of my best friends.  Sorry no pictures this time either, maybe next time…


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