October 8, 2012

If you’re not a boarding student, you probably won’t understand the phenomena I’m about to talk about…but let me try to explain it to you.

So, we went to Walmart this weekend after seeing The House at the End of the Street (which wasn’t very good by the way, Jennifer Lawrence should just stick to Hunger Games). 

Walmart, home to rows and rows of stuff that we convince ourselves we need. However, this really isn’t the case.

In fact, our trip to the movies wasn’t supposed to go to Walmart until Tuti begged us all to go…because, you know, she really needed something. We all agreed to go, because in reality, a boarding student always needs something, whether it be for our rooms, food, clothing, or just something to do. In my case, I really needed a light for my closet in Holden.

After almost an hour and a half in all 30 rows of Walmart, I walked away with a bottle of Perrier, a pack of Bubble Yum, two bottles of my absolute favorite Vanilla Sugar Febreze, and (there is where impulse came in) two bars of Hello Kitty Dial soap.

Did I get my light? Nope.

Of course, don’t forget about Tuti, the one who made us go to Walmart in the first place for that item she really needed. In her cart? Among many other beauty products, the one thing she needed: bronzer. At checkout, she bought everything else before the bronzer, and then put the bronzer pack, as it was too ‘expensive’.

Guess that means we’ll need to go back to Walmart eventually…


…to buy more stuff we don’t need.


Until next week…

Remember those shopping lists, peeps!

P.S. any Gouldies want to share the most ridiculous thing they’ve bought at Walmart?




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  1. Avatar Soleil says:

    loves it. i have the same soap…we are sooooo siblings 🙂

  2. Avatar doug alford says:

    Peoplel I have BEEN to WalMart with Zee. Believe me, no one impulse-shops there quite like him. I recommend taking a trip with him as soon as possible.

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