Wall to Wangfujing

March 23, 2013



It has been a very long day so after a quick run through of the schedule I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

-Bus ride north up to the mountains and the Great Wall of China

-Group hike and picnic along the wall

-Bus back to Beijing with a side trip around the Bird’s Nest and other Olympic venues.

-Stroll down Wangfujing Street (big shopping district)

-Hot pot for dinner!

-Walk through the night market and sampling of “different” foods… all those things you never thought you would eat!

-Back to the hostel and hopefully a good night sleep in preparation for some serious shopping tomorrow.
















3 Responses

  1. Avatar Jen ans Skip Bennett says:

    Spectacular! What a day! Thanks so much for helping us feel connected to it all.

  2. Avatar Grammy and Grandpa Hayward says:

    Great pictures! Take it all in and have fun!

  3. Avatar Beth and Brad Clarke says:

    Caleb, where are you?

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