Waiting for the bus…

February 17, 2011

At the time of this entry, the lights are off, a movie is on, some are playing cards, others rest their eyes. The photo below is earlier in the evening…we’ve got gear.

Only a few more hours before the bus comes...

The big announcement this evening was of course the groups. All were in suspense………Without further adieu!

Xi’an with Mr. Kimball and Mr. Penley: Matt Foy, Bouji Galea, Kyrstin Gee, Sawyer Harkins, Caili Inman, Connor Kelly, JK Lee, Max Lupovitz, Rene Mesones and Delaney Pals

Chengdu I with Mr. and Mrs. Baker: Zack Appel, Molly Bruce, Monika Chislov, Clayton Gamble, Cathryn Haberman-Fake, Tristan Hanrates, Brooks Layman, Justin Stearns and TC Wilson.

Chengdu II with Mr. and Mrs. Whittington: Marcello DeLuca, Stephen Dexter, Annelisa Esparza, Kaelan Fitzpatrick, Seung Su Han, Lindsey Keith, Alec Manning, Alexandra Martin, and Isaiah Thompson.

It is pushing 1 am now…an hour left before the first leg of the journey. It will be good to catch a cat nap on the drive down to Logan…


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