Wait, what season is it?

April 13, 2013

Welllll hello everyone, it’s been a while!

Life has been busy over the past few weeks! I finished my ski season while simultaneously beginning lacrosse season and a new trimester.

Although I am a huge fan of soccer and skiing, spring is quite possibly my favorite part of life at Gould.

Reasons why I like spring:

  • It gets (a little) warmer.
  • Walking from class to class is NOT the arctic tundra it was in January.
  • Longer class periods (lots of teachers take breaks and sometimes even let us out early)
  • Spring means that summer is just around the corner.
  • The mood.

Something, probably all the reasons above plus a few more depending on who you are, changes in the spring. The mood is lighter and happier, people seem genuinely excited to be doing whatever they happen to be doing. Spring also means lots of big steps for some students: graduation, proctor elections, college acceptance, SAT and ACT tests (my first one is tomorrow), senior four point decisions…

It can all be quite overwhelming. I know from personal experience..

Anyways, for any students out there in cyber world reading this,

k e e p   g o i n g. You are almost through it! And, ENJOY IT. There’s so much to love about Gould all the time, but in my especially in the spring! Seniors, it’s the home stretch, just remember that!

anywhooo, I have to go get a good night sleep so I can get a perfect score on the ACT in the morning…

see you next week!



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