Vivid Imagination?

October 16, 2007

I know reading a Glog without pictures isn’t as much fun, but I’m not able to upload images. So, read on, and use your imagination. Actually for this entry your imagination may be better than actual pictures. It’ll be like an Alfred Hitchcock horror film. Ever notice that he never showed much gore? He left it up to your own mind to create the image.

My schedule is a little messed up. It was parents weekend here and now the entire school has some time off. It’s a short break, but the timing is good. We’ll welcome the students back to campus on Wednesday night, ready for Thursday classes.

Parents weekend is always busy and fun. On Saturday, when most parents were in mini-classes, I was with Gould’s equestrian team and most of their parents at a competition. Normally I only see the equestrians ride once or twice a season. The improvements that have been made since the last time I saw them are remarkable.

Rosemary, whose parents came from Bridegton, (just down the road in Maine terms) and Laura whose parents came from Germany, warm up for their classes on Tasselhoff and Micah. Imagine this picture- Rosemary and Laura on their horses, saddle pads with a GA patch, and fall colors in the background.

It was “team picture” week here last week and down at the farm we love to create pictures with students, animals, and other props. This year Anna decided the new pig should be in the picture. I rigged a cow halter to be a piglet harness and Anna started to lead him out. As soon as he felt that halter he made a noise only pigs are capable of. Try this- at the top of your lungs and in the highest pitch possible, yell, “oooowweeeeeeee ooooooowwweeeeee oooooweeeeeeee!” and don’t stop. No really, don’t stop. Our little pig wanted no part of walking on a leash. We went to plan B.

Most often, if you hold a piglet securely he’ll stop squealing and settle into the hug. I picked up our piglet and held him against my body, cradling his torso with my forearms, his front legs in my hands. “Oooooowweeeee ooooowwweeeeee” continued.

We got the bunny and stood in front of the chicken coop, with big smiles, while our pig continued his “oooowweeeee ooooweeeee ooooowweeeeeee.” Meanwhile, one of my dogs thought the pig squealing was very exciting, and he started bouncing around, in and out of the picture, barking toward the pig. Needless to say, in retrospect, a picture with the piglet may not have been the best idea…

Somewhere between the squealing pig, bouncing dog, and broad smiles, I felt a warmth on my belly, near the pig’s rump. I thought, “oh, great, I’ve been peed on by our pig.” But no, it gets better.

When the photographer left, we brought the piglet back inside to relieve him of the torture of posing with us. As we put him down, it was immediately clear that the pig didn’t pee on me. I had pig poop, yes, pig poop, squashed into my shirt, nestled in the grooves of my belt buckle, crammed into the zipper of my fly. It was bad- real bad.

After some good chuckles directed toward me, and many reassuring scratches for the pig, the kids sent me home to do my laundry and take a shower.

Just another day at the office!

I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of that one. “Ms Wilkerson, did you do your laundry?” By the way, the bunny, Tukee, was relaxed through the whole thing.

OK, change of gears… This past week in the dorm I had the opportunity to talk with some roommates who were having difficulty living together well. These 2 first year students impressed me so much with their ability to talk directly to each other, to state their needs and their desires, and to work toward a compromise. I’d be naïve to think that they’ll now live “happily ever after” but I am hopeful that they’ll continue to talk with each other. Learning to live comfortably with another person is a valuable skill many of our boarding students master. All returning students have some choice when it comes to where and with whom they live. First year students meet their roommates their first day on campus.

In personal news, Reiley has been working on language. He signs pretty well but now he’s starting to vocalize. A couple weeks ago he was gnawing on an apple (gumming it) and I said, “Reiley, that’s an apple.” He looked right back at me and said, “apple,” with absolute clarity! I was shocked. So I said, “apple” again. He looked right at me and said, “agai, gai, gai.” It was just a fluke. But now he is saying “ba ba” when he points to a banana. So does that count?

Again apologies for the photo-less Glog. I’m sure we’ll have the picture thing fixed for next week. Until then… Read on!


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