Virginia is for Cyclists

March 9, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week, I’m writing to you from a timeshare resort in McGaheysville, Virginia. I’m currently surrounded by the few brave souls from the GA cycling team who dared suffer the 12+ hour drive from Bethel to do a little pre-season training. After a gorgeous (albeit hilly) ride on Skyline drive, a perfectly maintained parkway that runs along a ridge and offers breathtaking views (in more ways than one) and a delicious dinner courtesy of Mr. Riley, we were forced to evacuate our condo building after a something in unit in the neighboring complex spontaneously caught fire.

The view from our balcony -- very exciting.

The obvious choice was to go to the pool. While soaking in the hot tub, we got a nice reminder of both how much attention a large white bus emblazoned with “Gould Academy” merits, and how many people have actually heard of our little gem of a school — the man sitting next to Mr. Southam used to live in Norway, ME, and knew a ton about Gould, Bethel, and the surrounding area. Coincidences like that aren’t uncommon when you’re driving in or wearing anything with Gould’s name on it. Once I met an alum on the airplane, because I was wearing a Gould sweatshirt.

This, of course, also always reminds you of your responsibility to represent Gould well. Sometimes people actually know what your school is, where you’re from, and the people who work there. The running joke is that we should just drive around Hebron buses in case someone gets into an embarrassing or unflattering situation. But for the most part, we do a good job of representing our school, whether we’re close to home or far, far away.

Our team will stay in the Shenandoah Valley for a few more days before heading into D.C. for more riding. I’m looking forward to a great season with our team, which grows in size and talent pretty much every year.

Some of our bikes resting on the edge of Skyline drive.


Enjoy the weekend ahead,



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  1. Avatar Nancy Babcock says:

    Nice point about representing Gould. Happy riding!

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