Van Life.

May 13, 2015

Van Life

You always here about the results from competitions, but how often do you hear stories of transit?  I’m talking about those in-between times from one place to the next.  Quite honestly, those times tend to create the most interesting and entertaining moments of our season..


With a road-trip planned to Seven Springs, PA for our first Rev Tour event, we knew we could schedule some fun on our way there.  First stop, Mountain Creek, New Jersey!


Now, you may have never heard of Mountain Creek, but it’s quite the place!  A short commute from New York City and Philadelphia, the scene here is very unique.  At just over 1,000 vertical feet, the terrain is moderately manageable and offers a convenient escape from the city.


They also dedicate 67 acres to 12 terrain parks that boast 80+ features!  This was of course our motivation to check the place out..

Unfortunately, we showed up a bit too early in the season.  Most of the park features were still in the boneyard…


Snow quickly turned to rain, pow turned to sticky slush and the crew had seen enough of the resort.  After agreeing that this would be an epic place to shred when the park was full-on, it was time to hit the streets!


Noah was so excited about this decision that he literally took his skis into the street..  Everyone else was stoked to hit some urban features, but decided to walk back to the van.


It takes a crew to be productive in an Urban environment.  One person may see something that inspires them while others may not be interested.  Moving snow, building speed, taking photos and shooting video gives everyone something to do.  By sharing responsibilities everyone gets involved.

A lot of effort goes into an urban feature, and things don’t normal go the way you first envision them.  You can spend a whole season trying to shoot urban and only log a couple minutes worth of footage, but you won’t log any if you don’t put in the time.


This feature here is next to impossible, but Riley doesn’t agree with the concepts of impossibility, so he insisted on sending.

The crew now knows how hard it is to slide an aluminum rail with steel-edged skis..  A great stubborn effort from Riley!

After a solid day of shredding at Jack Frost Big Boulder, we made our way to Seven Springs for the Rev Tour.


We lucked out with our spot in Somerset, PA.  The house was built on a hill, had a large backyard, and owners that loved to accommodate.  With bad weather at the resort during the competition, we had lots of time to build a pump-track and some backyard jibs during our down time.



As it turned out, the guys did a real nice job at Seven Springs!  If you didn’t catch the coverage from the event, you can check it out here:

Another solid adventure in the books.  

Next, To the West!!


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