Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

As all of you know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day! Here at the Academy, it was a pretty big day. We had the “Cupid Express” where people were hand delivered a little box full of candy and a handwritten note. I delivered a bunch of them, and it was very entertaining to see the smile on people’s faces. It was a good day! I spent my Valentine’s day with Kenzie (’13) and we made home made Alfredo sauce. It was so good!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day of the year  to be as cheesy as you want to be with a perfectly good excuse.  Oddly enough, it’s easy to be romantic!  Let’s consider, for example, the heart shaped box of chocolates. Any other day of the year, people might question your motives. On Valentine’s Day, the heart shaped box of chocolates is expected. It’s really remarkable how our whole persona as a human race changes for just one day of the year. But, that’s what is so great about the holiday. You get to step out of the realm of reality for twenty four hours and try to “wow” that special someone.

But today, it was funny to see all of the little expressions of love and romance on campus. Little heart candies, heart shaped cookies, and just about any other form of a heart shape anything were being passed around. Even Mr. Mclaughlin stood up at assembly to present his daughter, Tarin (’16) a stuffed bear and a heart shaped balloon.  It was hysterical, but it was so nice to see! Tarin was only a little embarrassed.

Until Next Week,

Alec Manning


PS: On Wednesday, we had Kitchen Staff Appreciation Day. The kitchen staff have been at full sprint over the past two weeks because of the Super Bowl, Parents Weekend, Trustee Weekend, and Chinese New Year. Through all of that, they were still been able to make fantastic food!


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