USASA Nationals-Copper CO

April 10, 2009

The team finally made it to Copper after interesting weather delays, then the altitude hit

Water, Water and More Water!

Drink lots of it! At 10,000 feet above sea level, the air is not only thin in the oxygen department, but in moisture content too. Experts say that eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day is the amount you need to stay hydrated.

We had snow the first day then the sun hit

Sun, Sun and More Sun!

Summit County enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year. And it’s not just your average sunshine. It’s brighter, hotter and a lot more intense. Generous amounts of sunscreen are strongly encouraged – at least 15 SPF. And don’t forget lip balm. The dry sunsoaked air and wind at Copper will scorch those lips. UV rays are about 40% stronger here than they are at sea level.

We all have interesting tans be it goggle or just plain burnt noses. After a practice day the competition began. Results can be found on the Gould web site , so I thought I would just post some photos to show you the talents of the Gould Snowboard Team……. yes and you know what happens to thoughts …… the internet connection is not fast enough to upload the pics so they will have to wait till next week.
Last day tomorrow and all our legs are feeling it…… see you next week.

The Davies


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    Hi Helen & Chris,I'd love to see the Gould boarders at Taos! Will that ever happen?Erika

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