USASA Magazine Interviews Coach Gandee

December 29, 2014

KC-GandeeGo to the Unites States of American Snowboard and Freeski Association’s (USASA) website and their vision and mission are stated clearly and simply:

Vision: “The vision of the USASA is to be the premier snowboard and freeski organization in the United States.”

Mission: “To facilitate fun and fair events for all ages across the country, to attract snowboarders and freeskiers, promote their development, provide member education, and influence the future of our sports.”

In the Winter 2015 online Issuu of USASA eMagazine, USASA catches up with one of its own coach representative Board of Directors tasked with driving this vision and mission home. He also just happens to be Gould Academy’s newest head snowboard coach.

Meet KC Gandee and learn more about him here in USASA’s “Ten Questions for…”.




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