Updating! Spring Feeling!

April 11, 2009

Dear Gloggers,
Excuse me from my lack of glogging these last few weeks, for they have been the busiest this year. Though, I am now excited to tell you all about them. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to make a decision on what college to attend and to do that I have been revisiting my top three choices to make the right decision. A lot of my other senior peers have also been re-visiting their colleges and in the process meeting new friends and potential roommates for next year. It seems as though the spring is already flying by. There are only 50 days left until graduation and the last two weeks have flown. The last weekend in March was my 18th birthday weekend, and I had the opportunity to come home for one of the days so I split my birthday between my friends at home and the ones at school. Last weekend I visited Bentley University and this weekend I am home with my family for Easter and going to Emmanuel College on Saturday.
Tennis has started out with quite a bright beginning. Although we have only two returning players from last years MAISAD champion team, we are already playing outside on our brand new courts because all the snow has melted. On Wednesday, we won our first league match against Hebron 4-1 with all of our singles players and one of our two doubles teams defeating great opponents. We also had a scrimmage today against NYA that went very well for our team. The men’s lacrosse team is currently undefeated on our new turf field and the women are playing very well also.
The spring feeling is clearly on campus. As I was walking to dinner tonight the upper fields were packed with students throwing around the baseball or playing catch with their lacrosse sticks. The dresses and Frisbee’s have come out of the backs of our closets and we are in the home stretch.
Until next week,


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