Boarding School Life in Tanzania

March 18, 2016

Tanzania Tumaini Senior Secondary School

(Written by Mr. Hayward) Our first full night’s sleep in Tanzania was at the Tumaini Senior Secondary School in dorms that look a little different than what we have at Gould as you saw in yesterday’s post.
The students got to experience a “bucket shower” to clean up before we had breakfast and a tour of the school.
Harward Tanzania 2016 Tumani Group
Students and their hosts then had some journaling time before heading off to Karatu and the Tumaini Junior School.

Mia and Naomi


Peter and Ishmael


Carmen and Neema


Nicole and Jeyrine


Dave and Kelvin


Devin and Rodluck

FullSizeRender (12)

Aerin and Swaumu


Michael and Brian

Everyone was feeling the love from all of the faculty and students at the Tumaini Junior School and we were able to get a great tour of the school from principal Mr. Paul that included the library that Gould groups have helped to design over the past 3 years.
Later in the afternoon we all introduced ourselves at the TJS school assembly and presented Mr. Paul and Mr. Bayo with a gift from Gould Academy.
After leaving TJS we walked through Karatu to the tailor where everyone picked out material for the shirt or skirt that will be made for them over the next few days.
We finished up the night at the Tumaini Education Corporation’s volunteer house.
Tomorrow we begin our safari in the Serengeti! We’ll do our best to get the blog each day if possible.

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