Unconventional Tools

April 24, 2013

So as a snowboard coach I’m always looking for an advantage over the opposition. The opposition being the other coaches….! And now in a unprecedented action, I will drip feed you some of my little secrets, and how to use some very household items that weren’t really designed for the snowboard world.

Climbers Chalk Bag

These chalk bags are great for carrying video cameras, tools, scrapers or anything else you want to get easy access to quickly. What makes these extra great, is the fact that many of them are lined with fleece, so they keep the battery nice and warm.

Chalk Bag – Handy access to all sorts of stuff.

Cork Jar Lids

So, for those of you who want your board to go faster into jumps, over whoops and through the gates, here’s a cheap way to get the cork you need for waxing. These jar lids fit into your hand nice and snug, and they can be bought in bulk for $2 each. Making this a great option for coaches backpacks on the hill.

Jar Lids make a great waxing cork, and are cheap when bought in bulk

Make-Up Bags

Now I know you don’t all have make-up bags on your shopping lists, or in your back-pack closet. But these are a great asset to a coaches on-hill backpack. With many compartments to hold, scrapers, brushes, files, on-hill race prep, P-Tex sticks etc. Shop around to find the size and design that meets your needs and budget.

Make Up/Toiletry Bags – Lots of compartments for on-hill coaching stuff.

Well there’s a little insight into my slightly warped/frugal mind, where just thinking outside of the box, can save you a little money, and sometimes lets you find something that works better than the designed product.

What do you use…..?




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  1. Avatar john says:

    A fanny pack

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