Ultra Distance, Achievements, and Home

November 22, 2015

Today was our second to last day in Canada which means that it was an ultra distance day. Mostly everyone skied anywhere from 20k to 50k. I skied 50k—the longest that I’ve every skied in one time period. The first 30k’s were enjoyable, but once I hit 40k I was ready to be done, but too stubborn to stop skiing after only 18 miles. Marcus, Caleb, and Andrew had a goal of skiing 50k in under three hours they lapped everyone, never stopped, and finished in 2.5hours. However, the most impressive part of the day was Brad who skied 100k. His original goal was 50k, but when asked by Savannah how far he was skiing he decided that 100k would be his goal. Brad finished his ski around 5:00 in the afternoon after 8 hours of being out on the trail with a crowd cheering him and every else on the trail on as he finished his final k’s. sAs a team we are all looking forward to heading home, sleeping in our own beds, and not eating Honey Nut Cheerios, bagels, and PB&J.

My outfit for my outfit for the recovery ski

My outfit for the recovery ski


Brad's cheering squad

Brad’s cheering squad

Brad finishing his final k's

Brad finishing his final k’s


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