November 11, 2008

Monday the kindergarten from Crescent Park (the local elementary school) came to visit Gould. Each of the 3 classes visited the blacksmith studio, the robotics lab, and the farm. Just writing those 3 things makes me realize again how unique Gould Academy is! Where else can a high school student be involved in programs so broad? And it doesn’t stop there- just think about our winter programs!

Farm and Forest and friends set some posts this week… and then set some more. We’re closing in on fencing the first of 3 barnyard paddocks. We’re also fencing a new garden space. Our new garden space, in the barnyard, has several advantages over our old garden space. It’s closer to campus, it’s closer to water, it’s closer to nutrients, and it’ll be better protected by our fencing!

Gould’s location lends itself well to wilderness exploration. On Wednesday the Farm and Forest crew took some time off from “work” and went for a hike. This is the crew on the shores of Round Pond, in the White Mountain National Forest. The national forest is practically in our back yard. Bethel is a great place to live.

The wood-fired kiln was fired this weekend. Firing the kiln requires hours of attentive participation on the part of the potters. These pictures were taken when the kiln was filled with fire, near the end of the firing.

A few other things happened this week that shouldn’t be ignored! The drama production was a huge hit and the dance group is getting rave reviews. Much effort went into both performances.

A very special group of people were on campus this weekend- Gould’s trustees. Gould’s trustees are an important part of the team of people who make Gould the great school that it is. Thanks to them for all the time and effort they offer to the school.

Until next week, Gloggers! This is the last week of classes before EXAM week.

Photos of kindergartners at the barn were taken by Dirk McKnight.


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