Tuesday Night, Glee Night

September 26, 2012



I decided to dedicate this glog post to some of my favorite people on campus, my advisory!


Every Tuesday night some fellow advisees, the Mannings, Alec and I all squish on the Manning’s couch to watch Glee! But first I need to clarify…Glee is my 2nd favorite show.  That number one spot is reserved for Grey’s Anatomy, which starts THIS THURSDAY, but I do love singing along to the songs on Glee and completely falling for the extremely dramatic plot throughout the show. But truly I’ve always wanted my life to basically be like Glee, breaking out and singing and dancing pretty much whenever I wanted…which sparks the idea of a possible Glee influenced flashmob at Gould?


There was a little more excitement than usual this Tuesday night because it was Advisory dinner! All eleven advisees, Paddy and Luna, the Mannings and Alec (just briefly before he went to his Advisory dinner) spent one hour eating and laughing.  Then, some of us stayed and watched Glee.


If you are unaware of the advisor system at Gould, they are pretty much your second parents. So basically my advisors are my life savers, and everyone in my advisory is my second family!


So I’d like to take this chance to thank the Mannings, my advisory and the creator of Glee, for making Tuesdays my favorite day of the week.


Until next week!





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  1. Avatar Judy Colaluca says:

    The Mannings are wonderful to open up their home for your advisory. The show Glee sounds great- I will have to check it out. I enjoyed reading this glog!!

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