Trying something new…And loving it!

November 20, 2011

And Gould said “Let there be break!” And there was break. Kinda. For some of us *The Skiers* we are still waking up every morning and going skiing in some wonderful conditions. But that’s not what this glog is about.

My 8th grade year, I was not at Gould yet. However, my mom was teaching the 8th grade program, and I was going to be at a skiing camp all break. So when asked to take a couple international students to our house over break (Jane Guan ’10 and “Guan” ’11) we of course said yes! We had a blast learning about their culture, and made a couple of great friends!

And again this year, we found ourselves in the same situation. My French friend (Sydney “Syd” Weber ’11) asked me if he could stay at my house over break because he was having trouble finding a place to go. It was fun the first time to have students stay at our house over break, so we said yes again! If you ever have the chance to host a student in need, give it a shot. It’s great fun, and you have the chance to learn a lot about another culture.

Happy Trails!


P.s. These are my 2 shots of the day on the mountain. Was pretty good after it stopped raining, we had a lot of fun!

This is what we have been looking at for 3 weeks of lift rides now. Winter, please come faster!

This is most of the people who are attending the Thanksgiving Ski Camp for racing. We’re all having a blast getting on our home mountain for the third week!


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  1. Avatar Patricia González says:


    My name is Patricia, and I am the mother of an international student at Gould, Claudia Hernández. I liked your post today very much, especially when you explain in such a positive way how interesting it is to host an international student for a school break. I am not only happy and thankful to read this, but also very very grateful to the families that have hosted Claudia while she is at Gould. So I want to share with all of you A BIG THANK YOU to Claudia´s friends and their generous families: Morgan Heckerd and Kathleen Baker. Sharing Thanksgiving and Colombus holidays with them will sure enrich Claudia´s experience in the USA, while she is far from home.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!


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