Troy Murphy ’10 Qualifies for Men’s Moguls Finals at PyeongChang Olympics

February 9, 2018

In case you missed the news, US Ski Team member Troy Murphy ’10 made his Winter Olympic debut in PyeongChang last night, and his first run was nothing short of incredible. A fast but smooth run and huge air translated to a fourth-place finish in Qualification Round 1 and earned Troy a spot in the Men’s Moguls Finals on Monday morning at 7:00 AM EST. You can watch his qualifying run on the NBC Olympics website, and stream the Final Rounds here.

Men's Moguls Troy Murphy

A focused Troy Murphy makes his Olympic debut in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Men’s Moguls Olympic Format

The Olympic format for moguls is a little different than FIS World Cup events—here’s how it goes down. First, there are two rounds of qualifying. The top ten from each of the two qualifying rounds move on to Final Round 1. Then the finals are broken up into three knock-out rounds. Final Round 1 will consist of one run for each of the top 20 from qualifiers. The skiers start in the reverse order that they qualified, so Troy will have a great spot at fourth from last in Round 1. The top 12 from that round will move on to Final Round 2. The top six from Final Round 2 go on to Final Round 3 or the “Super Final” that will determine medal winners. Still confused? Check out the full explanation of Olympic competition format and judging from NBC Olympics.

Qualification Round 1 Top Ten:

1. Mikael Kingsbury (CAN), 86.07
2. Aleksandr Smyshliaev (OAR), 83.93
3. Dmitriy Reikherd (KAZ), 81.23
4. Troy Murphy (USA), 80.95
5. Ikuma Horishima (JPN), 80.35
6. Daichi Hara (JPN), 80.01
7. Pavel Kolmakov (KAZ), 79.98
8. Philippe Marquis (CAN), 77.77
9. Matt Graham (AUS), 77.28
10. Sacha Theocharis (FRA), 76.55

So buckle up for Monday morning, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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