Travelling, and Perseverance

October 8, 2012

Good Evening everybody! Welcome back to another long read Sunday!

After a long weekend of bicycling, we’re headed towards a long week with, the words “Mountain Day” are being muttered everywhere, and parents weekend (and another set of college tours) reside at the other end. I hope everyone is hanging in there, and to anyone directly in the Gould community, congratulations on making it through Fall midterms, whether it is your first or your last!

This past week, I bought myself a book that kept showing up in recommendations on Amazon eBooks and Netflix movies. After looking at the description, I bought the book for my kindle and Began reading it.

You might know the book as Into the Wild by John Krakauer. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s the story of a young man who shortly after graduating from college, donated his savings to charity, and fell off the face of the earth. He hitchhiked his way to Alaska (although not in a very efficient way, I mean, he found himself in a canoe in mexico!), burned the cash in his pocket, and lived off the land for a while.  I’d recommend it to anyone!

Now, after a summer of hiking, and reading countless stories of this nature, I’m dragged towards this idea of vagabonding. To the point that I’m talking about bikepacking to whatever college I’ll be attending next fall, and meeting my parents down there! How nice it sounds, to be connected with the earth on such a personal level! And on the other hand, why would I want to stay in school with all of the stress surrounding 3 APs as well as 2 other classes? Let’s say it’s almost hard to keep myself from packing up my backpack and sending myself into the wild.

I have the chance to talk about balance a lot. I ski, I ride bikes, I’m pretty into academics, I love to hike, I’m an outdoorsy guy! I love being with my family. And yet, I’m in a school that pretty much dominates your life from 7:45 assembly to 7:00 end of dinner, every weekday except Thursdays. How can I possibly find time for all of this? Well, I don’t really. I take some hits on the side of me having fun, all in the name of studying. I get to bike every day, which is great, Mountain day is on the way, get to strap on my hiking boots, WINTER IS COMING, and my skis are in transit, and I get a long weekend to go tour colleges and hang out with family. So I’m finding balance, but every now and then I want to just go do something, and not have anything cut into it. Like thruhiking the AT, or something else.

However, I know there’s something good at the end of college, more time to do fun things, a good job, money to support me in my adventures. So I continue to study, and wait for my time to spend in the outdoors.

Yesterday was another great example of perseverance in the Gould Community. After waking up far too early on a Saturday, many of the students woke up for SAT testing, including myself. After the SAT2s, I ate at brunch and hopped on a bus headed to CVA for a bike race. After 2 hours, we got there and it was raining. We suited up and headed out on the trail. About 15 minutes before the race, it was torrential downpours. We ran to the buses, and got in to stay dry and warm. Race time came around, and it was still raining. However, people still stepped up, including Andrew Siegel, who won the JV race by a long shot, Kyler Walker, at 3rd, and Yacht Kitimoon at 5th. Everyone else had great races, except a few with mechanical issues, and it was awesome to see people out there riding hard even though we weren’t too stoked on the weather.

Anyways, keep your head up if you feel like you are running into a wall, and keep trying to make it over. If you keep it up, you’ll make it over eventually!

Have a great week,



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