Travelers in the streets of Delhi

March 24, 2013


Day 4 – Delhi, India.

We started the day with a contrast. Yesterday the Taj Mahal showed its splendor  with its stone carved in the 1600’s. Today we went to the Akshardham Temple, a relative new comer to the Hindu scene, completed in 2000. There was no sign of wear and tear- the signs of  history , and the kids were struck by its perfection.  They thought it was too perfect and commented how they preferred the “old stuff”.   A true appreciation for how age, the elements and imperfection can be the most beautiful of all.  After Akshardham we went to the Craft Museum which had 400 year old textiles, wooden statues, elephant saddles, masks and more.   Artisans from different parts of India were present  selling various  handmade crafts  and the kids enjoyed viewing and buying something from a maker they met.  After the Craft Museum we had lunch, then a trip on the Metro, and a stop at a Hindu temple where many of us received a red bindi on our  foreheads. Signs of religion are everywhere in India.

Back at the Hotel we regrouped and  then embarked on a journey to  Karol Bagh, a market area. This is where we knew we were travelers, not tourists.  There was some adventure to be had. We ended up exploring some areas that had wall to wall humanity. Horns honking, dogs barking, various smells, rickshaws ringing, weaving in and out, up and down the sidewalks…    The streets narrowed and our proprioceptive vision kicked in allowing us to maneuver in any available open space.  We made it to our dinner destination, enjoyed some good laughs and stories and then ventured out  to do some serious bartering.  Tomorrow we head out on a train across India to Bagdogra and will not be posting a blog. Stay tuned!












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  1. Avatar Lorrie Hoeh says:

    What a wondrous place! We’re jealous of your amazing adventure!

  2. Avatar James McLaughlin says:

    Seems to me the cows are better in traffic than the people. Love the perspective on the old vs the new. Saw structures in Espana built in the 10th and 11th centuries. Those students are right on the money.

  3. Avatar Sharon Schott says:

    It’s wonderful to see the children with an opportunity to see other cultures. Hope the food is good for the fussy ones ( I won’t mention any names lol). Gotta love the cows. Who cleans up after them????

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