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October 1, 2012

Hi everybody!

Yesterday I was blessed with an opportunity most people wouldn’t ever get: Touring with friends, a college where a friend goes, on an unofficial tour by said friend. Something that I’ve always found kind of funny is how the tour guides say exactly what is said in the Information Sessions offered by that school. However, I was able to get an honest tour from a friend at a school where I’m not sure if I am going to apply ED or not.

Having the insight into what life is like for my friend is helping me make a better judgement on the school than if I had toured with  the guides, and it was cool to get to see her again! I had a lot of fun learning about the school, how the classes are set up, what training for a varsity sport is like, and even some insight on the application process! Thanks again Molly!

I also hadn’t toured a college with friends yet, and they offered some good insight and asked some good questions that I wouldn’t have thought about. I was grateful that they were around because oftentimes I can’t remember what I was going to ask, and Pete ’13 and Karen ’13 were definitely helping get the pool of questions covering all of the topics.

Anyways, now I get to jump into another busy week of classes, and work my butt off trying to get into colleges and get my essays done! Wish me luck, we’ll see how it goes!

Also, pray for some sunshine! It’s looking like rain all week in the forecast!

Blue Skies and Happy Trails!



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    Great pic John! Plus Glog Alum!

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