Top Ten Moments of 2018-2019

June 14, 2019

Moments at Gould

At Gould, we savor moments. Before formal dinners, a faculty member or student will start the meal with a moment. A short address to share an idea, or a story, that hopes to spark conversation around the table. It’s a familiar occurrence at faculty meetings to hear Pat Donovan calling out, “OK, who wants to start us off with a moment?” It’s an invitation to celebrate a student or group, or publicly praise a member of the community. It’s also an effective reminder of why we do the work that we do, before getting down to the business at hand.

Time slips by faster and faster with each passing year, and moments at Gould are a chance to slow down, take in your surroundings, and enjoy the present. A year at Gould is made up of countless moments. With the benefit of a few weeks for reflection, here are ten that stood out to us.

What were your top moments of the 2018–2019 school year?

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Pat Donovan Top Ten Moments

10. Pat Donovan’s Retirement ?

Early in the school year, Associate Head of School Pat Donovan announced to the community that she had decided to retire after 39 years of service to Gould. There are no words to describe how much she will be missed or an adequate way to describe the void she will leave. It’s a moment many of us will never forget. Read more about Pat and her life at Gould in Sara Shifrin’s fitting tribute.

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9. New Student Orientation ⛺️

“Welcome to Gould kid, now go hike Mt. Washington.” – David Temkin ’19 (from his student-elected Commencement speech.)

One thing we don’t do here is waste time. Within 24 hours of arriving at Gould for the first time, you find yourself in the woods, on the rivers, and on mountain tops. Initially, it can be a nerve-wracking moment, but with experienced faculty and returning students to act as supports, Orientation is a great introduction to #GouldLife, and an extraordinary way for new students to find their bearings.

Slalom Skiing Top Ten Moments

8. Ski Racer Maxx Parys ’20 Ranked #1 in Slalom ⛷

Back in February, Alpine coach Parker Gray ’97 notified us that Maxx Parys ’20 was ranked first in the country and ninth in the world for his age group in slalom alpine ski racing. We can’t wait to see what the 2019–2020 season holds for Maxx and all of our racers, with improved training thanks to the new surface lift being installed at Sunday River this summer.

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7. Alumni Weekend ?

Alumni Weekend is always a noteworthy event. It’s a jam-packed weekend with a lot going on, but most importantly, Gould Alumni get a chance to catch up, have a few laughs, and kick back.

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6. Mountain Day ⛰

No year at Gould is complete without a Mountain Day. From the Head of School’s announcement to squished bagged lunches at the top, it’s a chance to trade books and laptops for backpacks and water bottles. A big part of the day has become pulling together the best photo op at the summit.

Top Ten Moments art studio

5. New Art Studios in the Art Cottage ?

This year Gould was able to repurpose some under-utilized square footage in the art cottage. While that might not sound exciting in itself, consider the outcome: eight new, beautiful and private studio spaces that rival art colleges. Where art students can be free to create and express themselves, diving deep into their process without fear of being interrupted.

Top Ten Moments plastic bag ban

4a. Twelfth Grade Four Point ♻️

One of the most impactful Twelfth Grade Four Point projects in recent memory is the plastic bag ban devised by Maddie Williams ’19. Her goal of getting single-use plastic bags banned from retail stores in Bethel came to fruition this week when the town voted in overwhelming support of the ban. Amazing work, Maddie!

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4b. Eleventh Grade Four Point ?

Very few things in life can compare with the bonding experience that is Eleventh Grade Four Point. Winter camping for eight nights in the Mahoosuc and White Mountains will bring you together as a group in an unparalleled way. One minute you’re slogging through three-foot drifts, dragging a sled with all of your belongings, the next you’re having a hands-in huddle at the top of a mountain, or comfortably cooking dinner over the fire you made.

Top Ten Moments reworked fashion

4c. Tenth Grade Four Point ?

Clothing Designer Alexa Stark ’07 has been coming back to campus to share her re-worked fashion with tenth graders during Four Point for five years now. Students showed off their creations this year in a fashion photo shoot that transformed the workshop from memorable to epic.

Top Ten Moments four point4d. Ninth Grade Four Point ?

If there were ever a time to stop and soak it in, it’s while you’re exploring the globe during Ninth Grade Four Point trips. Whether you’re in China, Tanzania, Peru, or Ecuador, Ninth Grade point is when you begin to solidify relationships that will last a lifetime. And in the words of this year’s student-elected graduation speaker David Temkin ’19, “Nothing beats peer-pressuring your friends into eating scorpions.”

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3. Winter Carnival Weekend ❄️

We know how to do winter right. This year, we went all in on Winter Carnival and turned it into its own extended weekend. The celebration started with a bonfire on a Thursday evening and didn’t settle down until the Patriots won Super Bowl LIII on Sunday night. Other additions to this year’s festivities were belting out disco hits with retro rockers Motor Booty Affair, a snow fort building competition, and inviting parents to compete in the residential rumbles on the upper field Friday morning. The Husky even came out to play!

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2. Early Morning River Ecology ?

A unique hybrid experience at Gould, River Ecology, is the brainchild of registered Maine Guide and Gould faculty member Laurin Parker ’94. Good for both a science credit and a fly fishing co-curricular activity, it’s an opportunity to learn more about the stunning natural world that surrounds campus and become a steward of Maine’s waterways. As any good angler knows, getting out on the river early is essential, and 4:00 AM wake-up calls also set the stage for awe-inspiring scenes, watching the sunrise as you cast into the current.

Top Ten Moments Opening Day at Sunday River

1. Opening Day at Sunday River ☀️

Not all winters are created equal. This past winter was one for the record books, which suited us just fine. Most students and faculty find their “happy place” just six miles down the road at Sunday River Resort, and this school year we were lucky enough to be on-snow on October 19!

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Bonus Pick: Commencement ?

We just couldn’t leave out our end of year celebration of all things Gould! This year’s event was a remarkable day, complete with an appearance by the infamous Donny Pelletier (Olympic Freestyle Skier Troy Murphy ’10.) While there may not have been a dry eye under the tent, student-elected speaker David Temkin ’19 reminded us all that “we’re never more than a text message or a boarding pass away.”

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