Top 10 Reasons Why I Love This Community

January 11, 2016

As I sat in the Library this evening knitting and thinking what to blog about I looked over and saw Sophie and realized how impress I was with her selflessness this morning at the Bethel Food Pantry.  She took the lead unloading the truck and organizing the food for families to pick up this afternoon something she does every time Mr. Bean asks for volunteers to help him.  I then saw the other Top 10 Lists and realized I should jump on that bandwagon!

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love This Community

(In no particular order!)

10. I love that adults and students have relationships where we understands each others’ humor and also can empathize with each others’ needs.

(Liam Gillis just told me to take off my hat, I told him “No” and he said “Okay”.)

9. I get to interact with students in many different facets

(In my classroom, in the dining hall, in the library, in vans, in the woods, in canoes, on islands, and in my own home.)

8. Faculty and Staff are caring and take care of each other

(When I had each of my babies colleagues made meals, brought gifts, and sent happy thoughts – just one example of this.)

7. I Get to do things I love with students

(I feel blessed that I can share what I enjoy with students – Hurricane Island for one!)

6. Gould students are nice to my kids

(On a daily basis, Gwen and Preston interact with students and fondly refer to them as “the big kids”)

5. Gould students feel safe to be who they are

(Arturo just struck a pose at the top of the stairs and gave me eyes…)

4. People are funny

(I am very sarcastic and I appreciate that people humor me and are just as sarcastic as I am.)

3. It is beautiful here

(No explination needed.)

2. I am always tired

(This might seem negative and although sleep deprivation is something I have accepted; there is never a dull moment at Gould – I a never bored and always have something to do.)

1. Gould students give of themselves

(Many of our students volunteer their time whenever they have a spare second – Sunday has become a big community service day at Gould.)


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  1. Avatar Andee says:

    Great post Katie!

  2. Avatar Arturo Fernandez says:

    Katie is the best! Lovely post!

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